Our courses and workshops run in both the virtual and physical world, to suit your own personal ways of learning as well as meet you on varying financial options. 

We'd worked for a decade to create in person learning experiences, often higher ticketed to align with our competitors and to cover the high costs of in person learning (travel, instructor fees, print material, accommodations etc) pre-covid.

Over the past two years we've had a lot of time to restructure and reflect, and here's what we've come up with;

Making our programs only available to those with the ability to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars as well as devote time away from home, work and family is not in alignment with our purpose. Over the past two years we have learnt we can all learn and grow with online platforms and we want to meet you there with all of our offerings, and be part of the end to gatekeeping education around holistic and alternative health and wellness. 

Why? Because we all are experiencing this human existence together, physically, mentally and spiritually. We all have one body, one spirit, one mind. We're here together for a reason and it's to learn and grow, alongside one another. 

We've reformatted all of our training packages to be on various learning levels. All learning options will be updated on this page.