Founding Story of DANU Wellness Co

Thank you for coming to learn about us at DANU Wellness Company Inc.

Jess Taylor PhD founded DANU Wellness Co. in 2008. Jess holds a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, a Masters in Herbalism, a Diploma in Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Iridology, Vitaocuology, Holistic Nutrition, Temperament Therapy, Acupressure and Myomassology. As well, she holds multiple certificates in Reflexology,, Dry Needling and Traditional Cupping Therapy (instructor level) as well as her certificate in Foundations in Anthroposophy.

Jess works from a heart centred, Anthroposophical approach to wellness in all of her work, looking at each of her clients as a whole human rather than merely addressing the presenting symptoms.

Her experience at the Toronto Steiner Centre and ongoing commitment to the annual IPMT and the upcoming RMTA will continue to foster and enrich her practice and it’s core Anthroposophical implementations. 

Her passion project for the past decade has been dedicated to the development of Integral Reflexology and Acupressure.  Jess has practiced and learnt alongside masters in the art in two countries and three provinces. Dedicated to the history and benefits that can come from the practice of total body "reflex"ology, (not limiting it to feet and traditional technique)

Jess spends a great deal of time sharing and teaching in Canada and the US when she’s not committed to her private practice hours (in person and virtually)

Jess has developed an Anthroposophically inspired “Rhythmic Reflexology and Acupressure” that is a safe and beneficial treatment that she implements in her clinical practice regularly and teaches to trained Reflexologists and Therapists just once a year.


DANU Wellness Co & Academy, was founded originally in 2008 on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario Canada. DANU moved to a brick and mortar location in downtown Guelph, Ontario Canada in 2014.

In 2019 Jess and her daughters left their hearts in Newfoundland while visiting family and vowed to return and call it home. That fall, that desire become their reality.

Now with a practice in St. John’s, Jess continues to travel throughout the year to teach and lecture where she’s needed.

With St. John's now home, DWCA still holds a seasonal yet permanent location for training  in Grey County, Ontario, minutes from Georgian Bay on a private lake-side retreat.

Jess and the instructors of DANU Wellness Co. & Academy offer recognized Courses & Workshops in multiple areas of Alternative Health & Wellness for the “Novice Learner” or “Experienced Practitioner” both in person and remotely. 

Jess is also a Certified Instructor for the AROMATICA Myomassology Diploma Program and Reflexology Program, allowing for a double "Reflexology Certification" for eager learners in the field, available to those who've completed all prerequisites only.  

Practitioners can learn from Jess remotely or in person.

New clients can apply to a wait list to work with Jess, 1:1 on their health journey, by completing this form 

Jess, is a registered member, in good standings of both Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapist and the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

You can reach the clinic by phone to book your initial consultation at 709-986-0986

Jess Taylor PhD ND