Advanced Reflexology Continuing Education-Level III

Advanced Reflexology Continuing Education-Level III

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Reflexology “Series” level I, II & III


(Reflexology Practitioner Training) CRP, CR.


Training in Reflexology (at DWCA) takes on the approach of developing a “passion”, becoming “comfortable” and then becoming “competent” through our 3 levels of training. 

We all start off with one foot forward, but all feet are at different places in their journey in health and wellness. 

The idea of our multi-level training allows for a more supported journey that speaks to you exactly where you are at, right now.


Our level I training is designed to introduce the purpose of, history of, application of and perspective outcome of the ancient practice of Reflexology. This incorporates mandatory and optional reading, pre-recorded classroom time, 1:1 student teacher time (pre-registration call, midway call and pre-completion call)

The level II is considered “con-ed” and will build on the fundamentals learnt in level I. Including more history, written assignments, two quizzes a practicum (case studies) This level is ideal for those professionals that are already working in bodyworks, massage, physio or the likes as a finishing point. 

Level III is intended for the Reflexologist that is planning their career around Reflexology at the core. This level digs deeper into A&P, pathology understanding and builds on practice legalities. This level of the training sets the bar with it’s intensive anatomy and physiology training as well as our health and safety and etiquette of practice modules.

What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is stimulation of the reflexes in the Feet, Hands, Face or Ears (in this training, the feet) to EMPOWER the body and the mind to heal itself of ailments and disease and return to a space of homeostasis. The treatment releases blockages in the energy flow around the body and stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, at the same time. 

Students will learn the science and application to the reflexes in the feet that directly correspond with the glands, organs and parts of the body through the nervous system and the energy pathways also known as meridians.


Interested in becoming more knowledgable in Reflexology or advancing your training to become a Certified Reflexologist? 


We have instructors on duty for questions Monday to Friday 9:00-4:00 that you can reach by email at You can also reach out via the Facebook Business Page. A phone visit will be arranged with you once you make initial contact.



• Do extended health benefits cover Reflexology?


Yes, many extended health packages cover Reflexology, however not all do. It’s advised to have your clients check their plans before they arrive so there are no surprises. 


• Do you offer insurance provider information for Reflexologists?


Yes, when you’re deciding where to train make sure your training choice is eligible for insurance, many are not. We proudly have 2 insurance provider choices for you to choose from. This information is given to all students (only) at the completion of training in level II. (Level I does not qualify for practitioner insurance)


• Is your program recognized? 


Yes, our training program (level I, II & II completion)  will allow you to join any one of 6 governing bodies or affiliate organizations, this too is discussed in full with all students and the time of the initial call.


• Can I talk to an instructor before I register? 


Of course! Not only is an arranged phone call welcomed it’s encouraged. If you’d like to set up your 1:1 call message us through any of our social media platforms, our chat window on our website or via email at


• Is there pre-requisites?


Students must be 19 years of age and must complete level I to move onto the CEU level II and III


• Where can I practice once I'm done?


Reflexologists can practice in clinics in their own practice or join someone else practice, there's a place for reflexology within the spa industry or a very good option of providing mobile services in other peoples home. Defining your target client, being prepared and competent will help you create a wonderful practice. More details on these options are covered in the business and marketing module of your training.


What is the cost? 

The investment for the training is as follows;

Level I- $229

Level  II- $449

Level III- $349

Please note that level I is done through an entire virtual experience, level II has an option in-person component and level III has a mandatory in person component. Your instructor will explain the tiers and provide an e-brocure after your visit. Also, we have temporary measures in place to assist with COVID19 response and testing variables.

Best wishes on your new or developing career endeavours

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