Rhythmic Reflexology Program, level I, II, III & IV

Rhythmic Reflexology Program, level I, II, III & IV

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" A real medicine can only exist when it penetrates into a knowledge which embraces the human being in respect to the body, soul and spirit" Rudolf Steiner


A Rhythmic Reflexologist is trained in an in depth, four part series over the course of one year, generally around the changing of the seasons, for an entire week. This immersion training is made available to qualifying practitioners through an application process. 

A Rhythmic Reflexologist will learn skill sets and sequences privy to RRPr's that will address ailments and conditions with a four fold approach. Thus, creating a way to care for clients with a heart centred intention. The methodology is a safe and effective three fold rhythm (for the body mind and spirt) that is suitable for children, adults, the elderly as well as special needs children and adults. 

Instead of the secular idea to aid in physical wellness only Rhythmic Reflexology aims to improve the health of the soul and spirit, along with the physical body. 

The element of "warmth" is rooted into each session with movements, oils and applications. The environment will combine specific sounds, lighting and fibre conditions as a core element in the training.

To apply or learn more, email us today to set up your telephone interview. You will be sent three options for times. If you are only available certain days/time of day please specify that in your email courses@danuwellness.ca

This content will update when the program is full. If there is not an update in the content, we are still accepting applications

Those who can apply* 

Those who are Certified Reflexologists or Reflexologists actively training. Those who have completed foot, hand and ear Reflexology or are actively training. 

*this is a continuing education program for trained practitioners or practitioners actively training.

Training Dates*

December 14th-18th 2020

March 15th-19th 2021

June 14th-18th 2021 

September 20th-24th 2021

Virtual and in person ceremony, Sunday October 3rd 5pm EST

Training time, daily on dates noted above 9:00am-4:00pm 

Students must be present for the training in the virtual classroom. Replays will not be available. If a student requires to be absent make-up of material can be requested/arranged through another classmate. 

Fee structure, $629 per module (wk) $129 per module, non-refundable deposit to hold your space ($516 deposit for the year)

$500 course fee due on the first of each practice month (December 1st, March 1st, June 1st and September 1st) A late payment fee of $50 will apply to payments made after the due date. 

If you wish to apply for a partial scholarship you can do so by emailing Jess at jess@danuwellness.ca

Students will not be graded, attendance and competency of material will result in certification at the end if each training period.

Search for the Master of greatest might;
Follow the star of brightest light.
Work to achieve the highest goal;
And heed what your angel tells your soul.

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