Advanced Variants in Reflexology, Con-Ed Program
Advanced Variants in Reflexology, Con-Ed Program
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Advanced Variants in Reflexology, Con-Ed Program

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Advancing Variants in Reflexology
Advancing Variants in Reflexology is the fundamental "after study" of the art of Reflexology as it applies in practice to application of pressure to the Hands, Face and Ears to find a "state of healing", remove blockages of energy through the bodies subtle meridians and promote optimal health in individuals
Hand Reflexology, Face Reflexology and Ear Reflexology uses “thumb and finger techniques and tools” with various pressure (taught in weight/identity) to rebalance the body and bring about a state of relaxation and “homeostasis”. 
AV Reflexology is effective and convenient and can be easily performed almost anywhere.  
Hand Reflexology is an excellent service to offer at Wellness Events/Health Expos and is more versatile and less limiting then traditional Foot Reflexology for clients and Practitioners
Hand Reflexology is well tolerated by those in pain, limited to wheel chairs, suffering from leg issues (edem, leg ulcers, diabetes, hip issues, limited ROM) and more. Hand Reflexology is also great for people with ticklish feet or who don't like their feet touched or suffer from nail health issues. Hand Reflexology along with Ear Reflexology is typically more accepted by Children than Foot Reflexology making it a fabulous component to Paediatric Care
Face Reflexology is especially beneficial to issues above the shoulders and is well accepted and enjoyable
Allergy sufferers or those with regular headaches, clients with TMJ, dental issues or emotional stresses and depression have had successful results alleviating symptoms of suffering through gentle Face Reflexology
All three modality-variants are great "optional treatments" for those that find it difficult or uncomfortable to undress, as required for other Bodyworks modalities.  
They are all excellent "add ons" to any session as well as they can be done targeted in a shorter session
Health, Hygiene, Safety, Reflexology History and Theory, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology study and the study of the “12 systems of the human body” are some of the foundational components to the AVR program.
Partnered with 3 classroom days (two immersions and one review/examination days) a home study, an e-assignment report and case studies/practicum hours (30 hand, 20 face and 15 ear/auricular) this well rounded program will equip you for complete competency in the fundamentals of AV Reflexology
You will also be adequately instructed on assessment of clients and proper intake, cleaning and preparation, warm-up techniques and be equipped with a total-sequence understanding  along with guidance on session completion and aftercare instructions. 

Client consulting advice and a home study of “The Business of AV Reflexology” are beneficial complementary components to help ensure you succeed in the industry! 

Pre-requisite for AVRPr training- completion of or *enrolment in Foot Reflexology/Reflexologist Training  
CEUs available, pending governing bodies 
All materials and text required are included as well as your exam fee and ongoing teacher training during the duration of your clinical work. 
Total Investment of $675 (3 classroom days, e-course, print material, exam fee included)
We do have a payment plan available as follows: $337 down-payment, required to hold your space and 2 monthly payments of $168.75 there after. Please note, all payment plan options must be paid via e-transfer. 
Credit card is acceptable for programs but only for programs being paid in full. 
(Payment 2 is due 30 days after deposit and the final payment is due 30 days after that) 
Still have questions? Open the chat window on our website, send a DM through social media or fire off an email to, whatever method os best for you and we will be happy to assist you further.


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