Aromatherapy for Chakra Balance, Workshop
Aromatherapy for Chakra Balance, Workshop
Aromatherapy for Chakra Balance, Workshop
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Aromatherapy for Chakra Balance, Workshop

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Aromatherapy for Chakra Balance Workshop

With the booming trend on Essential Oils and their magical purposes and versatile uses, most people have the basic understanding that Essential Oils are the Medicinal/Healing component that comes from the SOUL of the plant. 

 These volatile oils are derived from various part of the plant and hold therapeutic, medicinal and relaxation benefits. 

Taking it a step further (in this workshop) we will look deeper at "what" aromatherapy is, what risks and benefits are common when using essential oils, standard safety and precautions (for 21 oils) and using specific oils to assist in balancing emotional, spiritual as well as physical ailments and struggles. 

In our full colour and interactive e-manual you'll find that Chakras are defined as the energy centres (wheels of energy) that live in a spiritual space within your physical self. 

Uniting the body to spirit and aligning emotions that come dually with those associations.

These centres are associated with specific parts of the physical body as well as emotional self and present themselves through our behaviour , feelings and personality.

We will learn to identify in ourselves and others an imbalance in these energy wheels and learn what oils to blend to create the perfect compound to assist with balancing the specific chakra that's targeted for emotional harmonization.

A chakra can be overactive or under-active, which you will learn to identify as well as "feel" and of course balancel.

Balancing the scale and awakening the kundalini inside you to assist in this harmonious state will be an unforgettable and transformational experience.

We will step into visual breathing techniques and "how to's" for a guided "Chakra Meditation Walk" that you may use personally or with others in a personal or professional manner.


We will also have a module on crystals (we will use 9, understanding their vibrations and frequencies) and how to incorporate metaphysical healing into harmony among the chakras. 

Sound therapy overview will allow a hands on portion experimenting with singing bowls, chimes, tingshas and tuning forks.


Essential Oils are extremely complementary to "Chakra Healing-" This is a creative day that will leave it's imprint on you forever.  

This is a beautiful, exciting and informative entry level program and is set at such a minimal investment to be made accessible to all.

We highly recommend this course as a stepping stone to anyone interested in metaphysics, Essential oils and Chakra Health. It is truly a magical day and experience.


Organic Essential Oil kit for Chakra Support (self-blended)

This full day workshop is at an incredible value, only $149.50, inclusions noted above.

Certificate of Attendance is included

We will have a mini pop-up shop at each event if you choose to buy any other products that are complementary to the practice you may do so.

** We are not affiliated or representing any MLM companies. We are educators on Essential Oils and the metaphysical connections associated with both EO's and energy work. All instructors of this program hold an Aromatherapist Certification.

Everything required for the day (excluding your lunch) is included in your registration fee.