Bulk pkg Face Mask- Tie Dye (12)
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Bulk pkg Face Mask- Tie Dye (12)

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This option contains 12 adult masks at just over a 20% savings. We have pre-packaged a dozen of FUN & Fabulous colours and know you'll enjoy the variety contained. These packages contain some limited edition one of a kind dye baths.

Let's face it (pun intended), face masks are GOOD etiquette, recommended everywhere in public and in many places are mandatory. So what's the right answer for selecting a face covering. 

It's our belief that people will begin to have a face-mask "collection", this may include the heavy duty filtered masks with nose pieces that we have on hand for travel and maybe some surgical-type masks for those who have frequent health care trips. There will also be a plethora of effective, light weight masks in solid colours and prints too. That's is where this collection comes in.

Let's save the medical-grade for our front line hero. 

These non-medical, reusable, sustainable masks have stretch fabric ear loops and are the most comfortable masks we've worn. They are composed of all fabric content and do not have nose wires, making them easy to pop into your pocket, soft on the face and easy to launder. 

The intent of these masks are for reasons when you may require to be near others, grocery shopping, visiting the bank, appointments, standing in lines or shopping in stores.

We carry a standard adult size, with the stretch these really have proven to be a one size fits all, however, we do have a "youth" size and a "child" size for smaller faces.

If you'd like your order to be for either of those smaller sizes email us at jess@danuwellness.ca 

For family mask packages, see this page

For bulk orders over 250 pieces or for business branding email us at jess@danuwellness.ca 

These reusable masks are not intended to be a replacement for N95 or medical grade PPE and no claims are being made as such

-100% cotton, triple washed in hypoallergenic, eco detergent and pre-shrunk for immediate wear

- soft cotton, easy to wear for long periods of time

- family and bulk packages available here

- please note* with the natural effects of tie dye no two masks will be the same. We have created a "colour selection" for a general guide but cannot guarantee your mask will be identical to the one pictured. We hand tie and dye each piece with love and good vibes and hope you love the creations

-due to the required sanitary nature of this product there are no returns unless the item itself is defective. 

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