Business Development for Holistic Practitioner Series-Taking Flight
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Business Development for Holistic Practitioner Series-Taking Flight

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Welcome to the second phase of the Business Development for Holistic Practitioner Series-Taking Flight

THIS is when it gets REALLY exciting. This is when the dirty work from the first phase is complete and you are ready to beautify your offerings and wave them around for the world to see!

This is when you really get out there, you create your space in the community and online and on some social media platforms and put a rainbow of colour to your beautiful sketch 

Are you ready? Here’s what this one day Workshop is all about and what you’ll learn and what you’ll need to bring with you!
We will start with IDENTITY. Creating a clear and vibrant image of who YOU are, what YOUR services are, who would find your services helpful or couldn’t live without them and then, through our market research files we will tell you WHERE those people are hanging out!
Creating a very clear avatar of who you are and who your ideal client is does not limit you, it helps you GROW
We will then (with that clear image in mind and all the details you’ve covered in the first workshop) JUMP into the world of social media
With laptops or smartphones in tow you will, with guidance open or remodel your Facebook Business Account.
We will show you how to adjust settings, create target audiences, set inexpensive add sets for promotions or just to tell the world about you.
We will create a group UNDER your Facebook page. This can be top secret and only for your very special clients and it creates an ambiance of feeling important and valued for your clients. 
We will then jump to the top 6 places to create digital images for FREE and the best ways to save and file these images.
We will talk about image theme while we open the doors to BRANDING
It’s time to brand.
It is.
You’ve covered all the grime and details you need in the first workshop, decided on a name, who you are what you’re doing and where you’re doing it so what do you want that to look like?
Judging a book by it’s cover?
We know we’re not suppose to but surprise, we all do, so it’s important to KNOW what your cover looks like!
After that, let’s launch one “other” SM platform, your choice because we will touch on them ALL!
Instagram? Twitter? Snapchat? Linkedin? How will you connect with the world around you..
It’s now time for the big one.
We will cover 3 free website hosts and what ones are our favourites and why, we will look at what ones are best for you and why and we will help you register a free domain and teach you how to buy a domain, when the time is right.
We will then together create ONE single landing page. 
Now that you have a website, a beautiful branded company and a mind of knowledge and a bag of skills to share with the world we have to decide how you will get paid!
This is called POS or point of sale.
We will tell you about three options (all free to sign up for although they will all take a monetary fee for processing) and help you set it all up.. POS choice is very important. Ease of POS is very important. 
All of this information is VERY IMPORTANT to help you take flight with your company. 
I see you, I’m rooting for you. I’m here to help you get your magic into the world.
Please wear comfortable clothing, pack snacks and a water bottle.
We try and break for lunch but it is short, it is advised to bring lots of snacks.
Please bring a smartphone (charged) laptop (charged) and your charging cables
Please bring a notebook and pens/pencils and highlighters
Please bring any logos you have created or images you’ve drawn or vision board you have of your company so far or in your mind.
Get it on paper and see where it goes as the day progresses
The fee for this class is $125 and is limited to 8.
This workshop sells fast.
It’s advised you register quickly to confirm your seat.