Business Development for Holistic Practitioners-Overcoming the Obstacles
Business Development for Holistic Practitioners-Overcoming the Obstacles
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Business Development for Holistic Practitioners-Overcoming the Obstacles

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Business Development for Holistic Practitioners-Overcoming the Obstacles 
Welcome to our first phase of the Business Development for Holistic Practitioners series. “Overcoming Obstacles”
This workshop is designed for the fresh faces entering the world as a Holistic Healer, Mindfulness Coach, Nutritional Consultant, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner or even those thinking of entering the profession. 
In this first phase of a two part Workshop Series we will answer the fundamental questions that anyone entering the field has asked themselves or wondered, these include the following:

What are my physical location options to start my own business? (Home based, rental space, mobile etc) 

How and when should I sign a lease or sub-lease?

Sole proprietorship vs partnership vs corporate? What you need to know!

What are important boundaries to set with business partners?

Do I need insurance, if so what kind and how do I get it?

Do I need to join a governing body, if so which one?

Should I call my company it’s own name or use my personal name?

What title do I call myself, how do I describe myself and my services to my clients?

Do I need a business plan? (Don’t worry, your professional templates are included)

Do I need to do a name search and business number registration and if yes, how do I do that?

HST# “The when the why and the how"?

How do I know I am meeting health and safety standards? 

What are my mandatory business ethics I need to follow?

What laws apply to my business? (Federal, Provincial & Municipal)

Vendor permits and retail inclusions on health products?

Can I sell handmade products? If yes, do I need to register these products and how? 

What should I charge for my services and what are some simplified options to receive payment?

How does creating an avatar of myself and of my client help me?

We will have individual and group exercises and activities throughout the entire day. 

Our mission, after the workshop is for you to feel an unsurpassable amount of confidence to taking the next step and branding and building a successful and well rooted business, whatever that should look like

Tea and coffee provided and we will break mid day for lunch!

Fee for the entire day is $125/person and space is limited