Chakra Attunement Massage, Practitioner Program
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Chakra Attunement Massage, Practitioner Program

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Chakra Attunement Massage Practitioner Program

What is the Chakra Attunement Massage Program?

Metaphysics and the pseudoscience world is what encompasses the soul of this program and ultimately it’s routine entirely. By using crystals, sound therapy, aromatherapy with custom blends of bio-dynamic oils and butters and a series of rhythmical massage and energy movement, clients will be transported to a state of parasympathetic responses engaging in a homeostatic state. This state is where healing happens on a three fold, body, mind and spirit realm.

The program will empower our students to perform a Rhythmic Massage of the feet, low back, abdomen, mid-upper back, shoulders, neck, face and head. Students will utilize tools including 432 Hz tuning forks, guided meditations, 11 crystals, 22 essential oil’s and 33 massage techniques largely inspired by the original Anthroposophical Massage.

432 Hz the universal frequency, mantra, vibration and symbolization of Om. Om is both a sound and symbolization, it is rich and deep in meaning, chanted, observed in vibration. Om has been integrated historically at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit. It is magical, mystical and powerful. Considered the most sacred mantra of all. Om reminds us that we have the ability to move beyond this physical and emotional form and connect to the divine higher self. Both in and out of ourselves and others. Om represents divinity and all things past, present and future. Head, heart and hands. Mind, body and spirit.

About the treatment: A session can be adjusted to 30 minutes 60 minutes or 90 minutes but typically done in a 60 min/1hr session/booking. In this program students will also learn a 15 minute "Chakra Walk" performed with client seated or laying flat, that can be done at workshops, events or as a free trial when attracting and building your clientele

About the bodyworks component: the large part of this treatment is hands on/massage, which is inspired by Rhythmical Massage and invokes metaphysical properties

This massage routine is a warm, nurturing, enveloping massage that enlivens and balances the body, while calling forth the client's own healing forces.

Archetypal forms of line, circle and lemniscate, are a basis/inspiring templates for the massage movements along with following the Ideology of Chakra Anatomy, Chakra Characteristics and culture and understanding and responding to both under and over developed chakras (wheels of energy), encompassing the metaphysical work of crystals, oils and sound for an undeniably harmonious and often emotionally awakening treatment.

Students will receive an e-manual, printable image files, downloadable meditation links, downloadable audio of 432 Hz links, 8 crystals, and essential oil creations from our lab component 

A total of 50 case study hours must be completed as described in class by your instructor

Investment of $575
We do have a payment plan available as follows: $287.50 down-payment, required to hold your space and 2 monthly payments of $143.75 there after. Please note, all payment plan options must be paid via e-transfer. 
Credit card is acceptable for programs but only for programs being paid in full. 
(Payment 2 is due 30 days after deposit and the final payment is due 30 days after that) 
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