Essential Oil Compound Practitioner Program
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Essential Oil Compound Practitioner Program

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Essential Oil Compound Practitioner Program

Essential Oil Compound Practitioner Program 

An Ideal course for "Aromatherapy Enthusiasts & Practitioners" for personal or professional development.

Our Essential Oil Compound Practitioner Program runs in several locations within Canada.
Please see our event page to find the most convenient location for yourself- mark yourself as going or interested to receive updates and posts or direct message us through the DANU page to start a one on one conversation with someone to answer any queries you have.

This program is ideal for anyone wanting to use Essential Oils for personal and/or Professional use.

With much attention in our society given to EO's it sometimes goes a miss that these volatile oils ARE medicine and chemicals, with a plethora of reactions and contraindications. They offer incredible healing properties but also come with safety limitations and precautions.

In this intensive program you will learn:

* Essential oil basics, including chemistry and scientific testing/brand identity
* Essential oil- Safety and Precautions
* Essential oil- Latin names
* History of plant-based medicine
* How to use essential oils properly (compounding for health and wellness with a three fold approach- mending the mind body and spirit)
* Plant categories and classify for successful blending
* Essential oils for mind and mood
* Essential oils for the spirit and mediation
* Essential oils for children and special (specific) needs/compounds
* Essential oils for medicated adults and the elderly

The breakdown of the 100 hours is as follows:
8 hours in house-/teaching & blending bar lab component
4 hours Live/Interactive & pre-recorded video component
18 hours self guided blending by recipe component (ILU)
6 hour Kitchen Apothecary component (ILU)
24 case study hours and 40 hours of self guided study.

Access to teachers is available exclusively from Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:00pm via email- excluding Holidays and Reading Week.

Plant medicine has been used for thousands of years for Optimal Health and Lifestyle.

Won't you join us and learn how to incorporate these delicate and volatile oils safely and effectively into your daily living?

100 hour Program
Certification of completion granted upon completion
Essential oils and materials for the day are included (other oils will be available for purchase at the event as well- but NOT mandatory)
Manual Included
Vegetarian Snacks, Tea & Coffee will be provided
No pre-requirements-open to all on an interest or professional development level.

See you in the classroom.