Frost & Hearth Massage Practitioner Program
Frost & Hearth Massage Practitioner Program
Frost & Hearth Massage Practitioner Program
DANU Wellness Co

Frost & Hearth Massage Practitioner Program

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Frost & Hearth Massage is a unique modality that has incorporated the inspiration of elements, Fire & Ice. {heat & cold} 

To reduce tension and pain caused by tension, cupping therapy (suction) is offered along with aromatherapy custom blended (by students) to deliver hot and cold sensations

Cupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine. The earliest recorded use of cupping dates to the early fourth century. We cover 3 types of cupping, 3 methods of cupping as well as an in-depth home study on cupping history.

The Cupping is done by creating a vacuum on the skin, a "reverse massage" if you will. 

By lifting and separating the layers of mayo-fascia there is a "release of stagnation" in tissues, blood, lymph & Chi {energy or life force} creating a state of homeostasis within. 

Along with the cupping, practitioners will learn a full body routine. This will include topical application of the above mention prepared synergy. This massage is relaxation focused. 

To aid in the cooling sensations precious stones such as obsidian and hematite that offer metaphysical remedies in themselves are cooled and massaged using techniques privy to "Frost & Hearth" to reduce inflammation, aid in repair of muscle damage and offer the "chill factor" to your clients freshly cupped areas. 

This modality is a collaboration of the following:


*TCM inspiration*

*Cupping Therapy (silicone/suction)

*Relaxation Massage

*Metaphysical Work

*Aromatherapy Applications (remedies & recipes are designed and approved by certified aromatherapist) 

The duration of the course is 2 full days, typically 9:30-4:30 plus a home study portion

After, students must complete case studies as outlined and schedule their test & hands on exam at one of the available dates & locations.

There is a time line of 12 months for completion

The total cost of the program is $575 All tools and oils required for the course are available (for use) and the “basic” tool kit is also provided, this includes 6 stationary cups, 2 sliding cups, 2 metaphysical tools, 1 oil. Additional tools will be available for students to purchase as well as links for purchase in later use.

There is a prerequisite for this course** 

Students must have experience with at least 2 body works programs (can be yoga, reflexology, Indiana head massage, Ayurvedic studies etc) within or outside of DANU Wellness Co & Academy and/or AROMATICA Canada. 


Students with RMT or other Massage Practitioner or International or out of Provence certification are also welcomed to register without application. Students with a diploma in nursing (rpn or Rn) are also exempted from the application process. Those registered for (2) other body works programs with us but not yet certified may also register for this program.

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