Iridology Analysis with Jess
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Iridology Analysis with Jess

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Like fingerprints-each persons iris is uniquely theirs, in fact-each persons iris (left from right) even differ. 

Of the 9 billion humans and even more mammals/species, not one has identical irides. 

Known as "the windows to the soul" the eyes can tell us a lot about a person. 

For centuries the Chinese have used size, shape and set of eyes to predict possible pathologies, while in Ayurveda eye colour, dryness and inset is an indicator or someones dosha and in temperament a constitution. 

Iridology is a tool used to identify possible ailments and/or potential pathologies within the body by examining and looking for specifics in the iris and sclera. 

Iridology can be linked to the three fold human, the physical, emotional and spiritual as well as metabolic, rhythmic and nervous systems. 

This means that physical conditions such as arthritis, IBS or functional issues with joints or limbs may be visible but ailments such as anxiety, chronic tension from stress and hormonal imbalances can also show on the images. 

Other things that can be explored? 

• cholesterol 

• allergies

• thyroid function

• nutritional deficiencies and dehydration 

• inflammation and more

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What you need to do..

Once you’ve placed your order follow the steps you receive in your questionnaire. You will be required to take 3 photos of each eye in good lighting, cell phone quality is fine. If the photos aren’t clear enough you’ll be instructed how to improve them. 

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