MONQ Mountain (Original Diffuser)

MONQ Mountain (Original Diffuser)

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Anyone who’s walked in the mountains will know the sensation of breathing in the crisp, clean, refreshing mountain air.

It’s cleaner, healthier, and more invigorating that what we breathe in the city.

Mountain MONQ brings those sensations and the purity of mountain air directly to you. Experience with our Original Diffuser.

Juniper | Peppermint | Pine Cypress Leaf, Douglas Fir, Lemon, Thyme & Organic USP Glycerin

Our flagship product—meet the first portable and personal aromatherapy diffuser. By blending ancient aromatherapy practices with modern technology, we have revolutionized the way that customers experience the benefits of essential oils. Simply choose your blend then breathe gently in your mouth and out your nose.

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