Temperament Identification & Classification Workshop
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Temperament Identification & Classification Workshop

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Temperament Identification & Classification Workshop-

 A look at a “whole” human being, often in paediatric cases. 

With a history dating to the Middle Ages the idea of four temperaments is not new in theology. “Our temperament mediates between these two streams: it allows us to reconcile our hereditary characteristics with our own individual destiny” 

This full day workshops opens you to the foundations and ground work of Temperament Identification to add to your “tool kit” as a complimentary modality. 

It is believed in an anthroposophical practice or education that the four temperaments are identified and diagnosed for evaluating the character of each client one is working with, be that teacher/child or practitioner/client etc. These temperaments provide the educator with tools for forging an inner connection, making the person feel understood. Diagnosing temperaments correctly helps to build trust between teacher/child or practitioner/client,

It is beneficial to anyone working with <particularly> children and also adults. 

Full Colour e-manual

Classification Cards

Snacks & Tea/Coffee provided (lunch may be available to order pending location)

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