Traditional Thai Foot Massage, Practitioner Program
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Traditional Thai Foot Massage, Practitioner Program

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Thai Foot Massage Training 

Thai Foot Massage program is based on the Traditional Thai foot massage and foundations in Reflexology 

Thai foot stick (provided) stimulate reflex points and includes a therapeutic massage routine to the  feet. The legs are massaged with rhythmical movement also.

The Thai foot massage is a popular choice for therapists, reflexologists and complete beginners. 

This traditional technique dates back over 2000 years and is still practiced by Buddhist monks routinely, today. 

Elements of the course include working on ‘Sen’ lines from the Ayurvedic tradition, these reflex points are stimulated and the intention is to clear the stagnant energies and provide a relaxed state of mind

During your TFM training you will learn two various foot wrapping techniques as well as creating herbal foot oils and soaking salts

Why is this Course so Popular?

Thai foot massage is as much in demand as Reflexology 

Many Reflexologist are concerned about RSI or painful thumbs, this course is an ideal addition as the tools and techniques take away the typical strain. 

This routine uses a Thai stick and rhythmical hand and arm strokes instead of “just” thumbs and yet can achieve similar results for your clients to a reflexology session. Working meridians, clearing stagnation and stimulating important points. 

The Benefits of a Thai Foot Massage? 

Thai Foot massage can improve circulation in the legs and feet 

It can stimulates lymphatic drainage in the body 

It can aid in removing toxins 

It can help  boost the immune system 

It can increases oxygenated blood flow to the feet and legs 

Thai Foot massage has been said to reduce stiffness and improves flexibility!

Gentle stretches and massage to the lower legs are a part of this comprehensive routine. 

Thai foot treatments were first recorded in the famous ‘Wat Po Temple’ in Bangkok and its believed to have been taught in North America since the reign of King Ram the 3rd in the mid 19th century.

Rest assured and get excited! The treatment you will be learning is steeped in oriental medical tradition and history. 

This treatment lasts for 45-60 mins and the teacher will advise you about the cost to charge your clients, how to gauge your geographical and insurance coverage options on the day(s) of training. 


Case Studies Assignment & Test Questions

Number of Hours: 60

Number of case studies: 40

Total Investment of $575 inclusive of classroom days, home study, material fee and exam fee.

We do have a payment plan available as follows: $287.50 down-payment, required to hold your space and 2 monthly payments of $143.75 there after. Please note, all payment plan options must be paid via e-transfer. Please select the payment plan option and proceed to check out, at check out select interac as your option and follow the prompts. 
Credit card is acceptable for programs but only for programs being paid in full. 
(Payment 2 is due 30 days after deposit and the final payment is due 30 days after that) 
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Extra Materials to assist your practice are not mandatory but will be available for purchase during the class.

All needed print materials, e-manual, Thai Stick & oils are provided