Foundations in Reflexology (Certified Reflexology, Practitioner Program)
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Foundations in Reflexology (Certified Reflexology, Practitioner Program)

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Foundations in Reflexology 


(Reflexology Practitioner Training) CRP, CR.


Train to become a Certified Reflexologist/Reflexology Practitioner with our 200 h program that is broken down for you below 


Our Foundations in Reflexology is an intensive course designed to fully cover the purpose of, history of, application of and perspective outcome of the ancient practice of Reflexology and incorporates ample classroom time (4 days), 1:1 student teacher time, practicum, guided self study and a self guided final presentation.


Our program sets the bar with it’s intensive anatomy and physiology training as well as our health and safety and etiquette of practice modules.

The FIR program also has an original module for students to help them go “Foot First” (pun intended) into the industry with the best guidance on Marketing, Management and Business Development with FREE templates for students to use on their social media, flyers and other forms of advertisement. 


What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is stimulation of the reflexes in the Feet, Hands, Face or Ears (in this training, the feet) to EMPOWER the body and the mind to heal itself of ailments and disease and return to a space of homeostasis. The treatment releases blockages in the energy flow around the body and stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, at the same time. 

Students will learn the science and application to the reflexes in the feet that directly correspond with the glands, organs and parts of the body through the nervous system and the energy pathways also known as meridians.


What does the training consist of? 


The training consists of four full classroom instruction days as follows:

• 2 immersion days (the dates you see here on the site) which is the bulk of the classroom training. 

• 1 review day (to be completed after 60% of home study and 60% of case studies/practicum hours are done)

• 1 restore and test/exam day (to be completed after the remaining 40% of the training has been completed) 

Your restorative and exam day is also typically a day of celebration and all students will have their photos taken and be given their graduation packages. In the event a test needs to be repeated for any reason students will still have their photos done and will be given another test date

Along with the above classroom dates the students have a practicum of 60 case studies (self directed) 

The remainder of the 200 h is completed with a combination of reading and assignment components and self directed study through your home study guide and e-course downloads (a full syllabus is provided on your first immersion class date)




• If I have questions after the two days how can I get an instructor to help me? 


We have instructors on duty for questions Monday to Friday 9:15-4:00 that you can reach by email at You can also reach out via the Facebook Business Page.


• How often are the review and restore/exam days? 


In Guelph they are every 8 weeks and in all other locations they are every 16 weeks. 


• Is there payment plans available? 


We have payment structuring for everyone. In the options below you will see the option to pay in 1 instalment or to pay in 3 instalments (50% down and 2 payments of the remaining balance commencing 30 days after the first payment is received)

If you chose the 3 instalments please note that payments MUST be made by interac e-transfer.

You proceed in the same way, adding the program to your cart and using the check out but you must select the “interac e-transfer” as your payment method.  


• Do extended health benefits cover Reflexology?


Yes, many extended health packages cover Reflexology, however not all do. It’s advised to have your clients check their plans before they arrive so there are no surprises. 


• Do you offer insurance provider information for Reflexologists?


Yes, when you’re deciding where to train make sure your training choice is eligible for insurance, many are not. We proudly have 2 insurance provider choices for you to choose from. This information is given to all students (only) at the time of class.


• Is your program recognized? 


Yes, our training program will allow you to join any one of 6 governing bodies or affiliate organizations, this too is discussed in full with all students and the time of class.


• Can I talk to an instructor before I register? 


Of course! Not only is an arranged phone call welcomed it’s encouraged. If you’d like to set up your 1:1 call message us through any of our social media platforms, our chat window on our website or via email at


• Is there pre-requisites?


Students must be 19 years of age and have a general certificate in Anatomy & Physiology or be willing to obtain one (provided by us, complementary) 


*note; some provinces have other restrictions and our program can only be taught in CEU applicable formatting within those provinces. This means students without pre-reqs must do their certification in another province. We can walk you through those options if you’d like to explore them. 


• Where can I practice once I'm done?


Reflexologists can practice in clinics in their own practice or join someone else practice, there's a place for reflexology within the spa industry or a very good option of providing mobile services in other peoples home. Defining your target client, being prepared and competent will help you create a wonderful practice. More details on these options are covered in the business and marketing module of your training.


• How do I register?


If you are ready to register now select the city/location and dates you'd like to attend. Select your payment option on the website and proceed to check out.

If at anytime you would like to speak with an instructor you can do so via email, live chat or social media. Again, a phone call can be arranged with an instructor prior to registration or anytime after registration, too  


Still have questions? Open the chat window on our website or send a DM, or an email, whatever communication method is best for you and we will gladly assist you further. 


*Please note that those joining us for training in Halifax or Charlottetown must be registered practitioners/massage therapists to obtain certification in Halifax, otherwise travel is required. This is due to the restrictions made by the province. Once Certified you may still join national governing bodies with our certificate, this includes RAC, NHPC and CEBHCP*


Best wishes on your new or developing career endeavours