Windows to Wellness-Foundations in Iridology Workshop
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Windows to Wellness-Foundations in Iridology Workshop

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Windows to Wellness-Foundations in Iridology-

 Like fingerprints-each persons iris is uniquely theirs, in fact-each persons iris (left from right) even differ. 

Of the 5+ billion humans and even more species not one has identical irides. 

Known as "the windows to the soul" the eyes can tell us a lot about a person. 

For centuries the Chinese have used size, shape and set of eyes to predict possible pathologies, while in Ayurveda eye colour, dryness and inset is an indicator or someones dosha and in temperament a constitution. 

Iridology is a tool used to identify possible ailments and/or potential pathologies within the body by examining and looking for specifics in the iris and sclera. 

In this program you will learn "24 foundation Indicators" that Iridologists use when analyzing a persons situation. 

You will be able to implement this as a self care tool and share your new found information with others or implement it into helping clients or even friends when creating a personal wellness plan.  

Iridology is typically used by practitioners alongside other therapies such as herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy or nutritional consultation.

We will cover the modern and ancient history of Iridology, Iridology as a complementary tool.

24 Foundation indicators (with slides)

Full colour E-Manual

Iris Magnify Glass and Iris Charts (laminated)

*There is an advanced follow up to this course- Iridology & Intuition 52 point evaluation and insight/attachment study.